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Multimedia Interactive Exhibition

Interactive Projection Experience Class

· Multi-touch interactive wall system

Main equipment: screens, sensors, projectors, servers

App recommendation: Suitable for display at the door, at the getting started, for videos, pictures

· Virtual Shooting

Main equipment: screens, sensors, projectors, servers

App recommendation: For shooting games

· Interactive virtual book-turning system

Main equipment: infrared sensing system, multimedia images, base

Application recommendation: Suitable for presenting story-telling content with good interaction

· Interactive ground projection system

Main equipment: infrared sensing system, multimedia imagery, projection equipment

Application recommendation: Suitable for presentation at the getting started, good interaction, dark light requirements

2, holographic phantom stereoscopic imaging class

· Single-sided 180-degree holographic projection

Main equipment: display system, central control system, TV playback equipment

Application recommendation: Show valuable individual phones, jewelry, cars, etc.

· 360-degree holographic projection

Main equipment: display system, central control system, projection equipment

Application recommendation: Show items, jewelry, cars, mobile phones and other valuables

Sand tray display class

· Multimedia Projection Sand tray

Main equipment: 3D digital content, presentation equipment, playback equipment, projection equipment, central control equipment

Application recommendations: real estate exhibition, science and technology museum, museum, multimedia pavilion and other digital pavilions

· 3D virtual digital sandtray

Main devices: 3D digital content, presentation equipment, playback equipment

Application recommendations: real estate exhibition halls, science and technology museums, museums and other digital exhibition halls

Large screen display class

· Multimedia Interactive Curtain

Main equipment: ground curtain display equipment, projection equipment, central control equipment, interactive systems

Application recommendations: exhibitions, exhibition halls, urban planning halls, science and technology museums, museums, hotels, hotels and other interactive displays

Multimedia Ball Curtain Display System

Main equipment: ball screen display equipment, fisheye lenses, central control equipment, interactive system

Application recommendations: exhibitions, exhibition halls, urban planning halls, science and technology museums, museums and other special displays

Simulated Driving Class

· Simulated driving system

Main equipment: stereo projection system, central control equipment, dynamic platform, sound system, fusion system

Application recommendations: showrooms, exhibitions, town halls, science and technology museums, museum simulation experiences or experiments

Stereo cinema class

· 3D Stereoscopic Cinema System

Application recommendations: Science and technology museums, museums, theme parks, tourist attractions important display projects

.4D Cinema

4D cinema is a new type of film and television products composed of environmental effectsimulation simulation on the basis of 3D cinema, compared with other types of cinema, 4D cinema has a distinctive theme, high technology content, rich experience, realistic effect, strong sense of invasion, leading the trend and other characteristics and advantages. With the development of film and television entertainment technology and the high standard scare of the market, people not only will vibration, displacement, fall, leg sweep, blowing, water spray, ticking, scene, insect snake drill pants legs, live performance interaction and other stunts into the 3D film, but also according to the film's scene changes carefully designed smoke, precipitation, snowflakes, photovoltaics, bubbles, odors and other effects, to create a film content to fit into each other, immersive, thrilling, like roller coaster, the audience can be Hearing, touch, smell and other all-round feelings, this is today's very popular 4D cinema.


Industry applications:


Establish a comprehensive self-service system for the financial investment industry. Through the multimedia display terminal, the latest developments and service content of the financial investment industry are transmitted to customers in a timely and effective manner, and through interactive presentations, interactive touch and virtual interaction, we can better realize self-service and self-service inquiries, and simulate the operational processes familiar with various businesses, which greatly improves the efficiency of the financial investment industry.

Energy communications

Energy and communications enterprises attach great importance to performance development, safe production and other work, they are trying to through the experience of safe production and safety education to carry out scientific and reasonable progress, rooted in the energy and communications industry all year round, the needs of the industry have a profound insight and understanding, the use of interactive experience digital vision creative integration of the energy and communications industry work for the most forward-looking scientific guidance, has provided China Mobile, China Petroleum and other enterprises with a professional one-stop digital experience services, The future will be more mature industry experience and technological innovation for the energy and communications industry to provide more appropriate digital creative integration services.


The digital showroom is equipped with a variety of modes according to the customer's choice, each choice corresponds to a mode, and the ratio of 1:1 3D real effect is presented to the customer. Five large touch screens are available throughout the showroom, including four 85-inch and one 42-inch screens. They were used to showcase new products and services, and behind two 35-square-metre showrooms, a digital signage media wall of about 100 square metres enhanced the display of two cars on display. Tilt 45 degrees above the entrance area, and the place is fitted with a LIQUID crystal mirror, allowing customers to better appreciate the vehicle on display through the showroom. Digital signage media walls and mirrors in the exhibition hall are connected to each other, echoing each other while providing customers with more comprehensive presentation and information.

Real estate

The real estate industry is to make the exhibition hall into a digital exhibition hall is also want to let users have a specific understanding of the property, once to promote sales, the main forms of expression are, IPAD control projection, 360-degree house observation, perspective switching, mainly to let the user experience more real, so as to improve the impression of the property in the user's mind, plus publicity films and audio and other other equipment, to promote the effect of transactions.




Digital exhibition hall has the advantage of intelligence, the exhibition hall generally has a major control system to control the classification of all items, aggregation, reorganization, switching and so on


Interactivity is also a major feature of digital exhibition hall, digital exhibition hall projects are mostly with gestures, motion capture and other interactive means to control, so the digital exhibition hall is focused on interaction with users. This makes the whole exhibition hall more interesting.


Information interaction, which is also a major feature, many projects are through face recognition, or photo generation and other means of interactive information to show, which not only improves the interaction, but also plays a role in collecting user information.

Through the 360-degree visual effect of the Habitat Digital Showroom, will appear in the Habitat Exhibition, the audience can enjoy the virtual space of the network of digital technology unlimited fun. 

Digital showroom role

Can be used to cultural relics and history and other aspects of publicity, because of its technical advantages, can play a very good role in the protection of cultural relics themselves and documents with historical reference value, even in high temperature and cold areas because of the characteristics of technology and equipment, in the absence of the display of real objects, the body will be maximized.

Digital pavilion because of its exaggerated expression and interactive experiential, can actively mobilize the enthusiasm of participants, through the audio-optical will need to display the content better communicated to visitors, so for enterprises, cultural relics, institutions are very practical use value.



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