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1. To realize the office automation of the Party building work

2. Internet Smart Party Building and Business Show

3.Three will be a lesson in the diversity of learning methods

4. Make party members and organizations more closely linked

5. Party building propaganda more diversified, more intelligent management, more systematic service

6. It is used in all task management and process management of Party affairs

7. Building an interactive Party member learning education platform

By breaking through the traditional information-led model, the Internet and Wisdom Party building will be integrated with "learning", "party affairs", "communication and interaction", "branch space", "business display" and other content, and realize the integration and platformization of organizational management, party member management, party member development, news management, learning and education functions, comprehensively improve the level of Party building management, and promptly track and understand the grass-roots situation of party building through data analysis means. The distribution of Party members and mobile party members provides an effective data basis for party building management and organizational decision-making, and continuously improves the efficiency and scientific level of Party building management.



Pre-sales: free of charge the overall information consulting services;

Provide complete solutions free of charge according to customer needs.

Implementation: Provides 7 x 24 hours on-site companionand and technical support services, and provides free training services until users can use the system smoothly.

Maintenance: response to fault stoain within 5 minutes, within 2 hours to the scene;

System software and application software version of the improvement, update and upgrade timely notify users, and provide upgrade and installation commissioning services.

Full-cycle "1 to 1" service

For users to establish a proprietary service file, and designated a specialist to provide users with "1 to 1" service, users can through the service phone, service website and other forms of questions, service personnel will query the problem library, knowledge base and project construction personnel to communicate, quickly solve the problem and timely feedback to the user. At the same time, the after-sales service registration document to record, timely update the after-sales service file. After-sales service personnel will regularly visit customers, follow-up work, and through the hotline and service website for problem tracking management.

Product benefits:

1, content update fast      

2, mobile, pc end full coverage

3, stable and reliable operation   

4, support more than 100,000 years of concurrency

5, process customization

Service benefits:

1, localization service team         

2, complete full project cycle service

3, system upgrade service   

4, proprietary user service file mechanism

Technical advantages:

1, the use of mature and stable technology, and maintain synchronization with industry-leading technology, such as the use of docker, J2EE, nginx, mongdb and so on.

2, fully compatible with all operating systems and browsers.

3, interactive design respects the principle of ease of use, to minimize the cost of user learning.

4, SOA architecture concept, modular functional design, to meet the user's needs changes and system upgrades.

5, support all mainstream databases, and for the existing system to organize a perfect 100% data migration scheme.

6, a comprehensive security system to protect the safe and stable operation of the system.



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