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Introduction to Conference Solutions


Small meeting rooms are essential in enterprises and institutions. As a daily meeting, multi-person seminar and other workplaces, its internal meeting support system put forward higher requirements, not only to help improve the efficiency of meetings and conference quality, but also to be easy to use.

SONCK Sunk offers the best solution for small meeting rooms. By setting up the SONCK Sonk output node in a separate small conference room and installing a cloud conferencing application in the participant's computer, you can not only implement cloud briefing push, but also synchronize multiple people to assist in efficient meetings. Combined with the wider SONCK Sunk platform or other remote conferencing systems, multi-party visual cloud conferencing is possible.

Small meeting room scenario

●One-click cloud newsletter push

During the meeting, all participants' computers only need to connect to the network, and the briefing content can be pushed over the network to the conference room cloud output node for real-time display when they need to speak, without having to have any hardware. Others need to speak to quickly grab the screen with one click, quickly discuss content switch.

●Multi-person same-screen seminar

When you need to compare multiplayer content, you can push multiple content to the output node at the same time for a combined display, such as vertical side-by-side, horizontal side-by-side, quads, and so on. The same screen displays multiple content, making the comparison discussion easier.

●Distribution of content for the seminar

Discussions can be distributed simultaneously over the web to all participants' computers, allowing participants to watch the discussions more closely on the screen in front of them.

●Interactive sync labels

All participants can label and discuss key content with the Labeling tool during the discussion, and all labels can be displayed simultaneously on all participants' computers.

Medium-sized meeting rooms

Large and medium-sized conference rooms are mainly used to hold large-scale meetings, staff training, art shows, film and television screenings and other activities, so the video media, sound systems, lighting systems, environmental control and the management of the system has very high requirements.

SONCK Sunk is used in large and medium-sized conference rooms to not only schedule audio and video signals in the conference room, but also integrate sound systems, lighting control and other environmental controls to achieve an integrated cloud management platform. Through the simple operation on the touch terminal, the audio and video can be achieved with the light, environmental equipment intelligent linkage. Cloud control can be carried out on multiple meeting rooms at the same time, enabling the meeting of the main meeting hall and the meeting of the branch venue.

Large and medium-sized meeting scenarios

●Quick meeting scene switching

Different usage scenarios can be created depending on the needs of different applications in the room and quickly switch between needs. For example, in speech mode can be specified to play a speech brief on the center screen, both sides of the auxiliary screen to play real-time speaker camera, connect the speaker language to the conference sound system, film mode will switch the center screen to the movie playback device, the sound system to play movie audio, while turning off the lights and so on

●Intelligent control of conference systems

Through the combination of SONCK's central control and cloud node, the intelligent control of the entire conference room is realized. If you can turn on the meeting system with one click before the meeting starts, turn on the light stereo, and automatically adjust the meeting mode. Or, when the speaker presses the speakbutton during a meeting, automatically open the audio, rotate the camera to the speaker, etc. A variety of complex control modes can be programmed to make the conferencing system more convenient and intelligent.

●Multi-venue interaction

SONCK Sunk connects multiple venues for multi-venue interaction, facilitating ultra-large-scale meetings or events. Each venue can simultaneously view the real-time situation of other venues and interact with each other's audio and video.



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