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1、Smart Clinic Overview:
Hospital wisdom clinic refers to the intelligent queuing call system, multimedia information display system, guide query system, etc. used in the outpatient areas of the hospital, to achieve self-service patient reporting, queuing call, expert shift information display, teaching information playback, self-service query, map guidance, wisdom guidance and other functions.
2、Smart Clinic Queue Call System:
Hospital queuing call system refers to the hospital in the outpatient waiting area used intelligent triage and queuing call management system, usually includes outpatient triage queuing call system, pharmacy collection queue call system, medical technical examination queuing call system, inspection and inspection queuing system, infusion treatment queue call system, guide check-up queue call system, appointment triage queuing system.
111111.png3、Smart Clinic Multimedia Information Release System:
Multimedia information distribution system is a professional system for digital media content publishing and playback, the system can replace posters, playback files and other old publicity methods, will need to promote and publish content in a digital way to edit production, and then through the network to the designated terminal equipment for playback, and in the form of information-based centralized management, in order to achieve the designated release of information content, real-time update and centralized management purposes.

4、Smart Clinic Doctor Shift Display System:
Doctor scheduling display system using LCD all-in-one multi-screen display, doctors, experts and other information automatic display, content can be updated at any time, patients can through the "expert information display" real-time query expert detailed visit information, and understand the number of experts remaining registration.
2222.png5、Smart Clinic Touch Query System:
Touch query system is through the touch query machine equipment placed in the outpatient hall, can query the hospital introduction, department introduction, expert introduction, department floor information and so on.
6、Wisdom Clinic's Human Wisdom Guidance System:
Through the intelligent guidance machine equipment placed in the outpatient hall, you can click on various parts of the body to prompt patients to go to the corresponding department, reduce the workload of the nurse.
4444.png7、Electronic Map Navigation System for Smart Clinic:
It is used for self-help search ing-find hospital departments, specialists, elevators, stair situ location information and other functions in the hospital outpatient hall.
55555.png8、Smart Clinic Self-Service Report Printing System:
For self-service inquiries and printing test report sheets for patients in various rest waiting areas and public areas, and to solve the situation of queuing to collect the report sheet at the inspection window.



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