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New retail solutions

Omni-channel , big data , new finance , new experience stores , smart logistics

With the platform-based integrated china-Taiwan architecture, commercial POS, ERP, CRM, mobile payment, social media, APP, e-commerce platform, multimedia shopping, traffic analysis system,

Third-party systems, combined with big data analysis and application, to help shopping centers, brand chains, department stores, wholesale franchises and other retail areas of enterprises thoroughly through all channels,

Forming a fully connected retail omni-channel marketing system for front-end and back-office, online and offline services, digital operation, entering the "new retail era"


Retail Systems

1. The trading system provided covers the PC side, the touch screen end and the mobile marketplace APP,

2. Touch screen can support the micromarket application bound to WeChat public number, in different terminals to bring users a consistent user experience. Open the BEIJING, Tmall, Taobao and other mainstream third-party shopping malls, to achieve multi-channel sales model.

3. All-channel order order order, quick order review and warehouse processing, according to the set rules to achieve automatic matching logistics and warehouse.

4。 Identify and manage all customers across the channel, all contacts, identify and precipitate customers, paint a picture of the customer, and fine-grained marketing for customer labels to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction, and extend the customer lifecycle.

5. Collect behavioral data and business data, support business analysis, customer analysis, pre-sales forecast, etc., optimize operational strategies with data, and support enterprise decision-making.



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