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Smart Campus Solutions


Smart campus is the main goal of education construction in china's new era. At present, most colleges and universities in china have started the construction of intelligent campus, trying to introduce more means of teaching to improve the quality of teaching, through video course storage to achieve the sharing of teaching resources. At the same time, on campus for students to provide more cultural and display platform, and always grasp the real-time situation of the campus, to ensure campus safety.

SONCK SUNK PROVIDES THE BEST PLATFORM SOLUTION FOR VISUALIZATION APPLICATIONS IN THESE SMART CAMPUSES. The cloud interconnection of all teaching and living areas of the campus is achieved through the decentralized SONCK Sunk node. In the classroom, teachers can interact with students in the cloud to improve the quality of teaching content reception. Public courses in all classrooms can be recorded in real time in SONCK Sonk and allow students to watch live or course replays online in real time. Networked radio broadcasts showcase students' talents to every corner of the campus. More access iblely, the acquisition device is used directly for campus monitoring during non-course live recording. A unified cloud management approach provides the operatorwith with maximum convenience, and the management structure of the virtual classroom allows managers to keep abreast of the teaching of each education.

Through SONCK Sunk, we can quickly build a cloud classroom, cloud recording, cloud monitoring, cloud radio in one of the wisdom of visual campus, to help China's education information intelligence development.

Campus Cloud Recording

No need for a stand-alone recording device

No need to separate lying equipment for each classroom, all classroom instruction is recorded directly over the network

Direct cloud storage

Course recordings are stored directly in the cloud server cluster and served directly as a network teaching resource

Multi-classroom simultaneous recording

All classroom sprites can be recorded in parallel, without missing any course moments

Live course s

Students can watch live webcasts of the web public session by logging on to SONCK

Real-time look back, while recording while shooting

During the live broadcast can be directly pulled back to watch the past content, but also can watch while watching at any time to take photos, save the key content

Multiplayer concurrent online on demand

Supports multiplayer online live on-demand viewing of recorded courses

Campus Cloud Classroom

Teacher courseware cloud push

Once the teacher enters the classroom, the courseware can be projected directly onto the projection or other display display via the network

Direct recording of courseware content

Courseware content can be stored in real time without the need for additional hardware acquisition equipment

Real-time distribution of courseware content

Learning can see the content of the instruction more clearly, avoiding the low acceptance of the curriculum in the back row due to poor viewing results

Multi-classroom cloud interconnection

Direct lying to multiple classrooms with cloud connectivity and course broadcasts maximize the use of educational resources. The instructor can interact with other classrooms in real time, as if they were delivered face-to-face

Campus Cloud Radio

The principal's speech was broadcast live

When making an important speech, you can shoot your speech directly in real time and stream it live over the web to all classroom or living area displays.

Campus video radio live

Build a campus video live radio station at a very low cost to provide students with a better talent display platform

Campus Cloud Monitoring

The whole school monitors direct access to SONCK Sonk

All monitoring images on campus can be directly connected to SONCK Sunk through the network, the operator in the monitoring room can grasp the situation of the whole school.

Make the most of existing video capture resources

Video capture equipment for course recording can also be used simultaneously as a monitoring image acquisition to maximize the use of acquisition resources

Real-time supervision of teaching situation

Management sits in the office to directly monitor the teaching of any course during class, without having to go to the classroom



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