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Smart Banking Solutions

With the help of the "next generation" core system fintech system, Smart Bank brings customers a new service experience of intelligence, personality, interaction and convenience, integrating financial services into their daily life.

Smart bank through the perfect combination of fintech and banking services, smart bank not only know "I", understand "I", know "I" needs, "I" service is also very warm and intimate.

Technology empowers care everywhere. Through the integration of technology and financial use, smart banks have a intelligent brain, with the ability to listen, see, understand, think, promote customer services from trading to interactive promotion. When entering the smart bank door, the big screen will display the welcome language, while the intelligent robot actively greets and guides customers for business. Walk in front of any smart terminal, the screen will send an exclusive greeting, when you browse in the terminal, the terminal will queue the number of real-time reminders to avoid missing business, when you approach the smart teller machine to identify the identity, the operation menu automatically switch to show common functions, eliminating the trouble of click-to-click functions. Technology empowers financial services to become temperature-dwelling and emotional.

Extreme experience, so that the service warm and intimate. CCB has been practicing the "customer-centric" service concept, through the analysis of big data, account managers can be informed of the arrival of customers at the first time, while one-click call function more convenient to inform account managers to come to provide customers with exclusive services. In the financial experience area, every customer to see the ads may be appropriate and exclusive, intelligent service to bring customers efficient and convenient, personalized service to bring customers warmth and trust.


Move on demand to make the experience fun and lively. Breaking through the traditional form of the network, the function design of smart bank comprehensive consideration of customer characteristics and various financial and non-financial needs, not only the elderly care about a variety of financial information, young people love to play the magic mirror face value, children like AR games, if you want to give the heart of the people, smart bank can also be dedicated to serving you. Different people will reap different surprises, smart bankinto into a non-banking also willing to come to the place, convenient services and experience, all in the CCB to enjoy.

Convenient and fast, keeping the process simple and inclusive. Smart Bank innovation to create a new platform for online interaction, the physical network services extended to the line, to achieve close connectivity offline, committed to any place, any time, preferably the most appropriate channel to meet customer needs. Intelligent process, from the appointment recommendation, after arrival at the bank identification guidance, one-click transaction instant processing, complete the network from a single channel to multi-channel collaborative processing of the perfect transformation.Data support, so that management is in control. It is understood that the bank fully online smart teller machine, many tellers have stood up to provide customers with face-to-face service. The bank makes full use of big data, artificial intelligence, in the background to track and analyze customer traffic, business efficiency and other fluctuations, for human deployment to provide intelligent management data, more match the actual needs of customers, reduce customer waiting time.


Think of what you think and make life better. Real-time intelligent reservation system, visual busy situation broadcast, ubiquitous interaction and communication, all over the Shenzhen community micro-banks, so that you can enjoy the most comfortable posture, anytime, anywhere, enjoy the "time, demand" financial services.



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