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Introduction to Command Center Solutions


The need of audio-visual application of the command center is comprehensive and comprehensive, which not only requires the ability to control the audio and video information within the jurisdiction of the real-time, but also needs to have the application needs of real-time business disposal, comprehensive data analysis, conference decision-making, emergency response, field command, information release and so on, which is a typical multi-service system linkage and visual application scene. However, in the traditional solutions, audio and video surveillance systems, conference systems, business data processing systems and other applications are built independently, and it is difficult to realize the linkage and unified control between the systems. Users often need to switch between multiple systems to complete the expected operations, the steps are cumbersome and inefficient.

SONCK SONK EFFECTIVELY SOLVES THIS PROBLEM FOR THE COMMAND CENTER. Using cloud nodes to establish the basic Internet network of visual information, using the service layer to achieve rapid docking with different business systems, a variety of cloud applications that meet the real needs of the command center provide scant and convenient business application experience for users.

SONCK Sonk can realize the interconnection and visual information resources of all departmentunits within the command center and even the upper and lower units or cooperative units, so as to integrate the necessary requirements of remote monitoring, real-time command, conference decision-making, emergency management, business linkage, data analysis statistics, information release, etc., in the simplest and most flexible way to achieve organic integration, and in the future can continue to expand the platform function in accordance with new needs. Therefore, MICS cloud can quickly build a multi-in-one integrated visual command center solution with video surveillance, conference decision-making, data visualization, and emergency integration.

The integrated visual information cloud platform built by SONCK Is the best solution for the construction of a new era of intelligent command centers.














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