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Features and applications of the transparent screen of the horizontal touch all-in-one


Horizontal touch all-in-one machine in people's daily life and work we should often see, generally used in banks, supermarkets, hospitals and other public places, more for information inquiries and information publicity, this product on business information inquiries and appointments, are very advantageous. One point will be simple and practical. Let's talk about what the horizontal touch all-in-one does.

1, touch type is divided into two, infrared touch and capacitive touch two touch, support handwriting input function, with other software government and business APP use, can achieve electronic whiteboard, drawing and other interactive game functions.

  2, multi-touch, support 100 touch, ten fingers with the same use, play with him as you please.

  3, professional design 30 degrees - 90 degrees, large elevation, adjustable, touch model dedicated base, so that users adjust the use of the angle.

  4, resistive, capacitive, infrared, optical touch screen, positioning, rapid response, which to hit which.

  5, touch no deviation, can be automatically corrected, can be accurate operation.

  6, can use fingers, soft pen and other ways to touch.

  7, high density touch point distribution: more than 10,000 touch points per square inch.

  8, high clarity, environmental requirements are not high, high sensitivity. Suitable for all kinds of environment work in various industries.

  9, Songk touch all-in-one equipped with more than 10 million click-life of high-performance resistance, capacitor, infrared touch screen, do not need to use the mouse and keyboard, as long as the finger tap or cross the screen can achieve all the operation of the computer, the operation of the computer is more easily. The innovation of the touch screen all-in-one is that it uses multi-touch technology, completely changing the way people interact with computers.


     The application range is wide, first of all, the public information query, such as the telecommunications bureau, tax revenue bureau, banking, electricity and other departments of business inquiries, urban street information inquiries, in addition, can also be widely used in the leadership office, education and teaching, industrial restraint, military approvals, video games, singing and ordering, multi-television teaching, real estate pre-sale, etc. , in the future, horizontal integrated machine will be more into our lives, science, convenience, convenience of the advantages of the people will determine his life in our lives everywhere.




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