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Floor-to-ceiling advertising machine


Floor-to-ceiling advertising machine

There are many application scenes of floor-to-ceiling advertising machine, coverage is also very high, such as: hotels, hotels, office buildings, pavilions, entertainment and leisure venues;

 Application areas

Hotel, commercial office building, exhibition site, entertainment and leisure venues;

Shopping malls, chain stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, promotional counters and other occasions

Business organizations: large shopping malls, specialty stores, franchisees, hypermarkets, star hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacies, etc.

Financial institutions: banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, pawn shops, etc.

Public utilities: telecommunications, post offices, hospitals, schools, etc.

Public places: subways, airports, stations, gas stations, toll stations, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, museums, conference centers, ticket sales agents, fixed talent markets, lottery centers;

Real estate: apartments, villas, office buildings, commercial buildings, model rooms, sales offices, etc.

Entertainment and leisure: cinemas, gyms, resorts, clubs, foot baths, bars, cafes, internet cafes, beauty salons, golf courses, etc.



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