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How to respond to the all-in-one slide screen manufacturer when the 2019 vertical touch all-in-one machine sales market


Advertising and economic development has been closely related, advertising industry downturn, the economic situation is depressed. In the economic situation of the past year, how should people deal with the 2019 vertical touch all-in-one sales market?

1. Calm calmness can solve the internal diplomatic dilemma: all companies, regardless of size, can not solve the economic situation. The big environment is not good, manufacturers hold the currency wait and see, this is a reality that all enterprises have to face. The natural environment is gradually turning cold, the past that kind of brambles have long been gone, the small natural environment is also turning cold, staff brittle, professional knowledge worn and technical short board must produce the overall backwardness. In the face of this dilemma, professionals feel that the most necessary is this calm and calm solution of the mind. Under the premise of fully understanding the serious situation, we should adjust our business strategy and get rid of the difficult situation of internal diplomacy. For example, to carry out adequate accumulation, do a good job of key points, online and offline expansion of publicity planning.

2. Do not blindly from the public not feudal superstition, objectivity to distinguish the development trend of the manufacturing industry: everything often has a period of life, are high tide and low tide period, often have his budding period of maturity decline or even decline, it is the characteristics of things, if we have requirements for information content, LCD wall advertising machine as information transmission is not easy to decline.

3. When it's confusing, passive waiting is better than a positive response: 

First, the strategic prejudgment determines the future. An important judgment for the next six months is that, despite the many problems, the chances of a hard landing in China's economy are slim during the six-month period. When serious political and economic problems are intertwined, entrepreneurs cannot afford to lose and politicians cannot afford to lose. Therefore, regardless of advertisers or the news media, enterprises do not see this direction, even if it is to miss the future well-known brands, sales performance rise first.

Second, tactical adaptation determines life and death. People who can make adjustments and grasp the opportunities of difficult current affairs may speak for the future. Media and advertising agencies may wish to look for more opportunities from a micro perspective. For example, with the expansion of external demand, there must be new sales market, the use of emerging industries.

Insight: 2014 LCD advertising machine manufacturing industry related to the hot words that is "transformational development" and "hesitancy", as a relying on the advertising word industry chain industry chain, to 2019, people this touch all-in-one machine manufacturers must maintain this rational psychological state, look at this from hot to cold and then by the cold warm advertising word sales market, ushered in a vibrant sales market, refueling!



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