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Lcd wall-mounted advertising machine system software and main use under the master


The use of LCD advertising machine needs the support of multimedia playback system, multimedia playback system in the player side using intelligent management module to achieve the remote management and control of the player, and on the server side to achieve a complete network protocol and remote management and control functions. With a multimedia system LCD advertising machine system software, customers can remote control terminal equipment to maintain a smart management method, multimedia playback quality is not limited by network bandwidth, channel column is not limited by the network server, can have random multi-channel columns, and even every 1 terminal device often have a separate channel column.

 LCD advertising machine refers to the large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other crowded public places, through the large-screen terminal display equipment, the release of commercial, financial and entertainment information of the multimedia professional audio-visual system. The visual and auditory system software products can be in the special physics venue, special time range for the special groups to carry out advertising word information content broadcast, together with the multimedia system content of the advertising time, frequency and broadcast areas to carry out statistical analysis and recording, and even can be broadcast in a record to maintain an interactive role, record viewing frequency, customer waiting time and other powerful role. As a new type of advertising word terminal equipment display equipment merchandise, Chisen LCD wall hanging advertising machine is different from newspapers, magazines, magazines, radio programs, television and other news media, its use of the general scope, the results are remarkable.

LCD wall-hanging advertising machine to CF card as the source of the LCD display player, and can be in the high-speed moving blocks to watch this intelligent video advertising system software. It has begun to be widely used in railways, subways, buses, high-speed buses, supermarkets, hospitals and other fields, its audience target is a special group - moving crowds.



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