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What are the advantages of a transparent screen and a traditional light box?


Advertising planning company in the hardware configuration selection at that time to select the building LCD advertising machine or choose the traditional advertising light box? First talk about the traditional advertising word way, most of the way to advertising light box, wallpaper, spray painting way to present, but also there are many shortcomings, the development trend of the period to promote many traditional industries, traditional goods by this big digital period, I do not know the rapid development of the building LCD advertising machine trend, so that every big city is visible anytime and anywhere, for information content publicity planning, cultural media plays a particularly important effect, is not the light box billboard swarm, is not more attractive to the audience. Firmly believe that the hearts of the group have long been known.

Below people talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each other: housing LCD wall hanging advertising machine slots are usually all over residential areas, office buildings, hotel lobbies and other concentrated areas, and has a strong purpose, accurate advertising, so lcd advertising machine promotion conversion rate is high. Building advertising machine can be wheeled hundreds of pictures, as well as video and picture mixed state, can do enough to stay at home, at home can use a computer to control thousands of building advertising machine simultaneously release programs, unified management, timing switch. And can carry out elevator car monitor, if there is an emergency, can immediately see the elevator car inside the specific situation. Residential residential building LCD advertising machine to eliminate the great harm caused by a lot of advertising words stock large capital investment, commercial office buildings and other new buildings and the location of indoor space is limited by the Company. With the incandescent language of first-tier cities in recent years, advertising media companies have turned their targets to second-tier or even third-tier cities, advertising location will become the focus of competition among media companies. Up to 8 years of service life.

Traditional advertising light box, only independent banner carousel map multiple photos, can not guarantee hundreds of banner carousel map, demolition and replacement of the content is too inconvenient, maintenance costs increase, can not be consistent background management manipulation. When a business runs an ad, it takes every place to run, and then replace the wallpaper before it can change the content. Although the cost is relatively low, but relative to the LCD advertising machine, the cost-effective or low. Today's society in some high-end places, the vast majority of people will choose LCD advertising machine. Shape custom-made, highlighting high-grade, high-grade air.



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