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What is an oled splicing screen ad machine?


With the diversification of advertising information media, most people now think directly of newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet, lcd multimedia advertising machine. But today's publishers are no longer satisfied with the wide spread of these audiences but not targeted traditional information channels. The information media market is shifting from mass marketing to marketing. In an era when products and consumers are constantly being subdivided, the limitations of traditional media are not able to effectively distinguish the target audience of products.

     Anything that can be advertised in public or in the open air through the expression of advertising at the same time to many consumers, can achieve the purpose of marketing goods can be called outdoor advertising media. Outdoor advertising can be divided into two parts of the plane and three-dimensional categories: the flat street sign ads, posters, wall ads, posters, banners and so on. Stereoscopic advertising is divided into neon lights, advertising columns, advertising machines, as well as advertising tower light box advertising. In outdoor advertising, road signs and posters are the two most important forms, the impact is very large. Beautifully designed outdoor advertising strips become a regional symbol.

    Multimedia LCD advertising machine is commonly referred to as the LCD advertising machine, key parts include: glass substrate, color filter, polarizing film, drive IC, liquid crystal material, matching film, backlight module, ITO conductive film, There are other CELL process to use materials and chemical supplies, etc. LIQUID advertising machine is the principle of the backlight light light shines on the polarizing plate, the light through the polarizing plate, will be polarized, polarized light will pass through the voltage generated by the electrode, so the liquid crystal can change the polarizing light angle, different polarizing light angle will be different light intensity, different intensity of light through the color of the light, the light of the three colors It will show a variety of brightness and different color elements, and finally by each can be composed of a variety of images and images can be seen by the naked eye.

 LCD multimedia advertising machine multimedia LCD advertising machine has been very extensive development, such as: Bluetooth advertising machine, network advertising machine, LCD advertising machine, building LCD advertising machine, car LCD advertising machine, frame LCD advertising machine, floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machine, high-definition wall advertising machine, touch LCD advertising machine, button LCD advertising machine" and so on.

 Multimedia LCD advertising machine is gradually popularizing and applying all walks of life in society, which plays an inestimable role in the rapid and effective dissemination of multimedia information. LCD media playback system in the media market and other multimedia information release and operation field has a great market potential. It can also be used in large-scale sports and cultural entertainment activities, such as the Olympic Games, expo, as well as the release of major domestic and foreign conferences. The emergence of multimedia advertising machines will likely change the entire advertising industry operating model.



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