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Oled stitching screen combined with intelligent face recognition technology


From 2015 to 2018, face recognition technology has experienced from the rapid landing to multi-field application of the blowout development, today's life, car, payment, automatic withdrawal softening and even public toilet scans can brush the face, "brush face" has been integrated into all aspects of people's lives, in finance, transportation, education, security, social security and other fields play an important role, and now face recognition is also widely used in the touch machine, we install human face recognition on the touch screen machine In the customer when using the machine without entering the ID number, name and other operations, direct face recognition can be completed operation, simple and fast.

      However, in the manufacture of touch all-in-one machine, in addition to brushing face, biometric technology has fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, venous recognition, sound line recognition and gait recognition and so on, of which fingerprint recognition application is the most mature, iris recognition security factor is the highest, however, why partial face recognition can be unique market recognition, in the customer choose touch screen all-in-one machine operation when the most application? There are three main reasons: fingerprint identification on advertising machine must first collect fingerprints, relatively speaking, face recognition is not mandatory. It doesn't need the subject to offer any information, as long as you expose your face, it can inadvertently identify you, so face recognition has an advantage in terms of convenience and concealment.

Fingerprint recognition on a touch-in-one machine must first be fingerprinted, relatively speaking, face recognition is not mandatory. It doesn't need the subject to offer any information, as long as you show your face, it can inadvertently identify you. As a result, face recognition has advantages in terms of convenience and concealment.

    Because fingerprint recognition on the touch all-in-one machine to touch the machine with the finger, and face recognition is the use of visible light to obtain face image information, no contact with the device, so do not worry about the contact of the virus infection, in terms of safety and hygiene more secure. In the use of LCD touch all-in-one machine, face recognition technology can be multi-face sorting, judgment and recognition, concurrency characteristics make it in the recognition speed and range has a clear advantage.

However, although face recognition technology has obvious advantages over other recognition technologies and is also popular with the all-in-one market and merchants, we cannot be overly superstitious and optimistic about face recognition technology.

    Today's face recognition accuracy is less than 100%, for similarity of the face prone to recognition errors, the latest international tests in 2017 show that the error acceptance rate of one in ten thousand, face recognition correct recognition rate of only 76%. Such precision can not help but make people doubt the accuracy of recognition under certain conditions, such as black people can recognize the results? Similar twins? The identified person becomes fat, ugly or facelift touch machine also recognized? Or makeup? 3D printed resin face mask or high-definition picture can fool the machine? In addition to the technical hard wounds themselves, the industry's investment and attention in safety is also a cause for concern.

      Surveys show that the United States accounts for 20%-25% of information security investment, 10%-15% in Europe and only 1%-3% in China. In the Internet environment, whether it is face recognition or fingerprint recognition, once the use of biometric authentication, there will be a characteristic database, all biometric data, as long as entering the computer, will be converted to computer code, as long as the code can be intercepted, refactored. Server-side storage a large number of user characteristics of the database, once by hackers or criminals to obtain, the consequences will not be recovered, after all, the password lost can be exchanged, but biological information is not renewable, once leaked, after endless! A considerable number of Internet companies only take into account traffic, but regardless of user security, only regard for the experience, but regardless of user privacy protection!

      Things are two-sided, face recognition technology by virtue of its own advantages can quickly land into the market, into life, but when we enjoy the convenience of technology, more should pay attention to the technology brought about by security risks. Only through the early attention to safety, risk avoidance, and later through technological progress to completely solve the hidden dangers, face recognition technology can really bring convenience to our lives, touch all-in-one machine accuracy can be greater.



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