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Nano blackboard integrated machine using method and operation flow


Multimedia teaching integrated machine use method and operation flow:

1. Operation process of using multimedia teaching machine

Step 1: The class administrator opens the blackboard with the key.

Step 2: Press the power button on the lower right panel of the teaching integrated machine, and the computer projection starts synchronously.

Step 3: Carry out normal teaching work.

Step 4: Shutdown after class: Press the power button on the lower right panel of the teaching machine, and the computer projection will shut down synchronously. Or shut down the computer through the shutdown program of the computer system. After shutting down the computer, the projector will shut down automatically after cooling down sufficiently.

Step 5: Teacher closes the blackboard: After moving it to a certain position, push the bottom of the blackboard and press the lock upwards, and lock it with the key.

2. Possible problems and solutions in the process of using the teaching machine

1. In the process of using the computer, a malfunction such as a blue screen or a crash occurs.

Solution: There is a main power switch on the right rear of the teaching machine. Find the switch, turn off the main power, turn on the main power again after 20 seconds, and then turn on the power by the normal method.

2. During the use of the computer, the inaccurate positioning of the touch screen occurs.

Solution: Use tissue paper to wipe off the dust inside the frame around the all-in-one screen, especially the chalk dust below.

3. Other functions and use methods of the teaching machine

1. Play music or video in U disk directly.

Operation process: Connect the U disk directly to the external USB interface on the right side of the all-in-one, set the signal source selection to "multimedia", and use the buttons on the all-in-one panel to play sound or video.

2. Use a laptop computer with the projector as the output device.

Operation process: Use a VGA cable to connect the notebook to the VGA input interface on the right side of the projector, and then adjust the corresponding input source.

3. Use the teaching machine to carry out class entertainment activities.

Operation process: You can use the video playback function of this machine to carry out recreational activities. How to use: Install the "Cool Me K Song" software, download the songs to be performed from the Internet in advance through this software; use an external microphone to connect to the audio input of the computer Jack (there is a 6.5 plug on the right side of the all-in-one), this method can only use one microphone. If you need to use two microphones, you need to install another amplifier device, connect the microphone to the amplifier, and then connect the output of the amplifier to the computer audio input line




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