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What are the screen classifications of the slide screen?


1. Resistive screen

   You need to use your fingertip to click on the resistive screen, and there is no response with the finger. Unlike the capacitive screen, it can be operated with the skin of the finger, the response is faster, the technology is more advanced, and the price is higher!

2. Electromagnetic screen

   The electromagnetic screen can only be judged by the size of the size. In simple terms, the relationship between the size and the price is the opposite of the electromagnetic screen and the resistive and capacitive screens. The larger the size, the lower the cost, and the resistance or capacitive type is the size. The larger the unit cost, the higher; in simple terms, 8 to 10 inch internal resistance or capacitive type has advantages, and when it exceeds 10 inches, the electromagnetic type has advantages. And the transmittance of the electromagnetic handwriting touch can reach 100%, and the resistance or capacitance is about 80 ~ 90%; the electromagnetic type is a rear-mounted type that is not easily damaged and has a mouse function. It is suitable for the interface of the Windows architecture, high resolution, and Palm Rejection anti-mistouch function, with 1024-step pressure-sensing function, low system integration cost, fast response speed, and unlike the resistance and capacitance type encountered large bottlenecks in large-scale development and high cost.

3. Infrared touch screen

   For now, infraredTouch one machineThe range of use is relatively wide, mainly because it is cheaper than the capacitive type in terms of cost, and has exceeded the difficulty of 100 inches in size, and the current maximum size of the capacitive touch all-in-one is 55 inches, but in terms of appearance, the capacitive type Is relatively perfect. Therefore, many users choose the capacitive touch all-in-one for the small size and the infrared touch query all-in-one for the large size.

4. Capacitive touch screen

   The capacitive screen is a transparent special metal conductive material attached to the glass surface. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact will change, so that the frequency of the oscillator connected to it changes, and then the frequency is measured. Change to determine the touch location to obtain information.


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