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Application value of oled splicing screen in different fields


The environmental protection of paperless office has aroused people's consciousness, because he changed the messy items like the traditional desk. If the intelligent operation of the touch one machine is installed, this situation can be completely changed, whether it is in various meetings. In training, programs, touch all-in-one can enable you to achieve human-computer interaction, paperless office, this is that touch all-in-one can achieve his application value in different fields.

1. Business meeting

During the presentation of the content of the conference, handwriting input, file annotation, and preservation of authentic images on the touch all-in-one machine through the handwriting signature system replace the traditional data file printing. It is novel and convenient. The problems encountered in the conference can also be searched online in one step, attracting the attention of every participant and making the presentation more attractive.

2. Teaching and training

By touching the all-in-one machine and adding various multimedia resources, it is used in schools and various training institutions to make boring teaching courses easier and more interesting. Through various functions, such as calling in video pictures, browsing and retrieving information online, students' memory is enhanced.

3. Graphic design

Graphic design by touching the coffee table of the all-in-one machine will completely improve the traditional product design drawing modification work. The designer can use different colors and thickness pens and change the color and transparency of the picture to show each section, and then use the powerful function The software DRAWVIEW can use the magnifying glass function to present a subtle angle in front of everyone. Communication is more intuitive, which speeds up the production process and improves work efficiency.

4. Advertising display

By placing the touch all-in-one machine in a leisure place, such as a cafe, shopping mall, hotel lobby, or real estate rest area, through the push of information, you can display information such as company introductions, project information, promotions, and special introductions, and you can create advertisements. Into interesting interactive advertisements, and change single advertisements to two-way interactions.

5. Military deployment

Military deployment is mainly to meet the special application needs of the military industry. For example, you can use the desktop display to simulate daily combat sandbox acting, strategic analysis, intelligent control, or every deployment meeting.

6. Leisure and Entertainment

It can be used as a restaurant or KTV nightclub for ordering and singing. If you are a game controller, I believe you will fall in love with it, because you can use it to complete game entertainment and Internet surfing.

7. Media programs

This application is very popular in the TV media industry, especially in news broadcasts, event explanations, weather forecasts and live interactive programs. You can pull the on-screen menu with a touch of your finger, enlarge the news picture, and click the link to seamlessly switch between satellite cloud pictures or live broadcast shots. Of course, for ordinary audiences like the audience, it is also possible. We can watch movies, TV and various video programs, and sit on the sofa and enjoy the game up close.


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