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What should I pay attention to when buying an interactive slide screen?


In recent years, it has been constantly developing new products, but due to the general plagiarism of competitors to follow suit. As a result, the types of slide screens on the market have increased sharply, with messy structures and uneven quality. So what should you pay attention to when buying interactive slide TV?


1. Choose a brand

Enterprise brands are often built on professional strength and long-term good reputation. It represents the service and quality of the enterprise. Therefore, it is very important to choose a regular brand manufacturer. Necessary trouble trouble.

2. Appearance and structure

At present, the structure of the slide rail screen on the market can be described as varied. Although the price is cheap, most of them have not been quality-guaranteed.

Correctly speaking, the slide rail screen is divided into two display forms: wall-mounted and floor-mounted.

The latest mainstream ones are these three (electric slide screens, car perspective models, virtual explanation models)

3. Installation and construction

      The installation and construction of the slide rail screen requires a professional construction team to carry out on-site investigation, and then customize the size and structure of the slide rail screen to meet the actual needs. Therefore, choosing a regular manufacturer can reduce the problems caused by unprofessional construction and efficiently improve the overall progress of the construction project.

4. Quality issues

     The price of slide rails with different quality is quite different, and individual companies are profitable. In order to reduce production costs, the use of rough workmanship, poor quality parts, or cutting corners during installation reduces the durability of the product, thus affecting the use of the product For a long time, the function of the interactive slide screen in the later period caused frequent failures during the visit and display.

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