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Teaching all-in-one


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Technical features:

Free installation provides powerful early childhood/adult teaching touch software. or other industry software custom development

Full-screen 4K HD display, up to 4096 x 4096;

Optional TV function, PC TV stand-alone indicator, independent key design. While working while watching TV, work and entertainment two not wrong!

Unique uniting, computer modular design, OPS / pull-out PC settings. Easier to maintain

The use of professional industrial LCD display, completely different from ordinary LCD display, long life, high stability, focus on special display.

With 5000:1 ultra-high contrast, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 600cd/m2 brightness, 16.77 million colors, 16:9 cinema playback widescreen, to ensure the richness of the display color, regardless of light and dark, still clear picture quality;

The new "ultra-wide viewing angle extension technology" (S-PVA-S-IPS) creates a 178-degree visual angle that can be viewed in all directions;

Optional color calibration solution to ensure color consistency and high authenticity on the screen, creating a perfectly matched image environment;

The large-screen display system has the characteristics of high reliability and stability, supports 365 days of non-stop work, service life of more than 50,000 hours;

The interface is rich, to meet the different signal input requirements, composite video, component video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc., a variety of input interfaces allow the maximum compatibility and flexibility when the product is enabled;

Superior performance, reasonable price at home and abroad has been widely welcomed, for security monitoring, advertising media, video conferencing, financial transportation and other fields of users to provide a full range of solutions.

Widely used in:

Conference system: In a meeting, the image on the interactive touch screen can be saved with handwritten comments and other points, so that the participants' attention is more focused. Through the interactive touch screen, the meeting content can be more complete, more in-depth communication, realize the simultaneous sharing of meeting materials, and effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the meeting.

Teaching and training: Schools and various training institutions use interactive touch screens to directly address students or listeners, so that the classroom atmosphere is active and increase interest, for teaching and training to increase efficiency.

Live TV: the use of interactive touch screen and live television platform combined to carry out real-time news reports, weather forecasts, newspaper reviews, but also can be financial, securities market real-time explanation, the effect is intuitive, focus.

Drawing analysis: the use of interactive touch screen, AUTOCAD design drawings can be labeled, discussion and research, to achieve efficient and intuitive communication.

Real-time command: the use of interactive touch screen and remote video conferencing system combined, local and off-site linkage, to ensure that the government departments of real-time command, emergency command system efficient operation.

Display query system: through the powerful hardware and software functions, in the interactive touch screen high-definition large screen will be files, charts, photos, video, multimedia materials integrated arrangement, into a comprehensive, intuitive, vivid query display software, and use the screen convenient and quick touch operation, strong participation, to provide a good interactive platform.




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