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Introduction to interactive rail screens

Interactive rail screen as the name implies is that the display screen can slide on the track, is a new multimedia display method, in the axis-like display wall layout of the display board or LCD splicing screen as a background wall, while placing a set of sliding mechanical structure in front to hang LCD TV. In advance in the background wall in different positions arranged induction contacts, when the audience hand to push the LCD TV on the track, LCD TV every touch will automatically play the corresponding content, content can be pictures, text or video.

Principles of Interactive Rail Screen Technology

Different touch points are set in the position of the corresponding picture, the sensing circuit device is installed in advance on the taxiing track, so long as the sensor signal is triggered when people push the display to the corresponding sensing point, then the display will automatically switch to the corresponding content.


Interactive rail schematic

Interactive rail screen system composition

Interactive rail screen is mainly composed of custom taxitrack, plasma TV, infrared sensor, light box, computer.


Interactive rail control logic

When people push the display to a different point, the point coincides with the screen, the sensing signal is triggered, and the screen automatically plays the corresponding video content.


Interactive rail screen device

1, control procedures

Control the mobile motor, interactive rail screen to slide up all rely on this set of control procedures.

2, rail sheave

Slide with concave rails and convex pulleys.

3, tank chain

Tank chain 3CM wide slot is greater than 15CM deep for better taxiing.

4, hanger

The TV hanger is used to hang the screen and is tailored to the size of the screen.

5, rail screen

You can use THE LCD screen or use the LED screen, and there are many occasions where the TV is used to customize the interactive rail TV.



Interactive rail screen classification

Interactive slide screen can be divided into interactive slide screen and interactive rotating screen.

Interactive sliding screen is the use of custom system to achieve automatic continuous target, dynamic display wall breaks the traditional electronic exhibition items, no need for artificial control, once the visitor approachs the screen, the large screen system immediately turn on and follow the movement of people and move.


Interactive rotating screen can also be called a swing screen, the screen can be customized according to the surface of any angle of rotation, plus product display, in the process of rotating in the screen to produce a magical image effect.


Interactive rail screen benefits

1, carrying a large amount of information

It can convey more information to be displayed, than pictures and text more space-saving, the entire exhibition hall more vivid and random, the real realization of energy-saving, low-carbon environmental protection.

3, the reference at a glance

Convenient for customers to learn more about the product, with fun, interactive, entertainment, practical multi-effect coexistence of the expression, entertainment experience interaction effect is more prominent

3, reduce the burden of the narrator

Let the boring text image display on the sliding screen, can achieve a very intelligent interpretation effect, but also save the cost of the narrator.

4, good publicity effect

This novel interactive way will attract visitors to watch, get a good publicity role.


Considerations for on-site installation of interactive rail screens

1, track installation fixed need to pay attention to decorative edge.

2, pay attention to the display, infrared sensor and computer host line problems.

3, in front of the screen need to leave a certain space to provide interaction with people.

4, pay attention to the height of the slide screen installation, easy to operate the audience.


Interactive rail screen applications

Now the interactive rail screen application is more and more extensive, of course, the display form is also diverse, such as interactive rail television is one of them and is a very widely used one.

1, museums: generally used on the wall of the picture of the content display, so that boring monotonous text content in the video to get a very good explanation, visitors can see at a glance to show clearly the content to be displayed.

2, the car launch: generally used to show the car, usually everyone look at the car just to understand the shape and interior of the car, but the structure of the car is not clear, and the interactive slide screen can give the audience a clear and profound understanding of the car's internal construction.

3, enterprise exhibition hall: interactive rail screen can reflect the major events that have occurred over the years, so that people can clearly understand the achievements and future development of enterprises.


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