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Information release software


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MIPS information release system will provide a set of common media information release management platform and device software, the use of the display will be enterprise publicity, product display, real-time notification and other information to show a full range of high-definition multimedia display technology. The system will sound and video, television pictures, pictures, animation, text, documents, web pages, information data and so on into a wonderful program, and through the network will produce a good program real-time push to the distribution of media display equipment, so that the wonderful picture, real-time information in a variety of designated places in a full range of perfect display in front of the needed masses. To achieve the unified production, release, audit, equipment management of program content.

Information release 

The Information Cloth module contains four sections: Program List, Playlist, Release List, and Play Statistics. All action on the program release can be done here.

Program editing mainly contains the program element editing ribbon, program scene operation ribbon, program content layout area three main functional areas

Format support

Video formats: wmv, avi, rm, rmvb, mpeg, ts, mp4, m4v, mkv, 3gp, mov, flv;

Picture formats: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp; 

Elements can be added: text, pictures, videos, documents, mixing, weather forecasting, clock, audio, web, live streaming, buttons, HDMI IN, dynamic scenes a total of 13 program elements, the following are the definition description of these elements do not operate description;


Scenario: There is an independent operation of an enterprise, there are 2 branches under the company, each under the branch has 2 departments. Company administrators manage and operate all equipment under the company, can view and control the department's equipment and business data, branch business data are independent, branch administrators manage the business data of the branch office, branch general users manage their own business data, branch department spartan administrator management departments of business data, ordinary users under the department to manage their own business data, business data between departments can be viewed with each other.



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