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Triage Call Software


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Features of outpatient triage call software

B/S architecture is used to facilitate hospital management and maintenance.

The ability to receive patient registration information, appointment information, and queue queues in real time from his systems.

The patient's consultation status inquiry, modification and adjustment of the number can be adjusted in each triage area, and the order of the patient's queue can be adjusted according to the need.      

Through the virtual caller software on the doctor's workstation, the operation of calling, completing consultation, calling, recalling, overusing and so on is realized.

Time-sharing appointments can be effectively diverted.

Can reasonably and effectively guide the flow of people to the hospital, improve the medical environment.

To provide clear and orderly triage queuing call shows, reduce the workload of nurses due to patient consultation, resolve the contradiction between doctors and patients.

Voice prompts and LCD display, can allow patients to see a doctor in sequence, reduce the contradictions and conflicts between patients due to queuing. 

Realize the release and display of dynamic information in each department of the hospital, and publish the corresponding hospital service information for different departments.

Each queue duped data can be pushed to the corresponding first-level triage screen, the second-level triage screen.

The doctor's second-level triage screen at the door of the clinic can display the corresponding call information, and realize the simultaneous call voice broadcast.

To carry out hospital publicity and education information release.

Make a display of the hospital doctor's shift.

To carry out the whole hospital department waiting for information display.

Fully automatic intelligent triage, registration can start queuing.

A variety of waiting in line, full of different departments need.

It is possible to realize the integrated terminal display equipment (including the original display terminal of the hospital) which is distributed in each node of the hospital.

2 System Overview

Outpatient triage queuing call system is an intelligent triage and queuing call management system used in the waiting areas of hospitals, which can effectively solve the problems such as the disorder of queuing when patients are treated, the imbalance of doctor's workload, and the noisy environment of the visit. The system has a first- and second-level triage queuing model, the first triage in the waiting area, the second triage at the door of the clinic. Through two triage, can make patients to have a number of time to see a doctor, to avoid congestion caused by the rush of patience, so that the waiting scene in an orderly manner, the experience is good.

The basic queuing process is as follows:

3 System composition
        Outpatient triage queuing call system is made up of triage queuing service management platform system, nurse guidance desk management software, doctor caller (including hardware caller and software caller), first-level triage LCD machine (waiting area comprehensive display, regular 42-- 65 inch), the second-level triage LCD machine (doctor's room door display, regular 15.6-22 inch), self-service check-in machine composition, which will be the speaker speaker into the LCD machine, can also be external instrument and speaker.
4 Introduction to system components

1, the use of B/S architecture, any online management personnel can log in to the system background through the browser, system information management and maintenance.

2, the implementation of queuing call and information release two functions, two functions in the same display terminal independent or simultaneous display.

3, support database view, intermediate tables, web services, SOCKET, webapi and other ways to achieve real-time exchange of data with HIS systems and other information systems.

4, support according to the serial number, registration time or check-in order to automatically generate queue queues.

5, support the waiting area first-level triage and the second-level triage or special department at the door of the consultation room multi-level triage mode, waiting area call will be more than patients to the clinic door waiting, the clinic door call will be patients one by one to the clinic.

6, audio and video, pictures, text and other multimedia materials sent to each display, can achieve a variety of footage of the same screen, mixed playback.

7, has a statistical function, can be in each period of time in the number of departments waiting for, the number of appointments, the average waiting time of patients, doctor's length of time, overnumber and number of repeat appointments and other data classification statistics, support the export function.

8, the system has multiple security access and data backup mechanism, to ensure the security and stability of the system operation.

9, the system for all information release display equipment can be remote control switching machine, timing switch machine.

10, can manually maintain the doctor's information, can upload doctor photos, titles, profiles and other information, support synchronization of HIS system doctor scheduling data, and support temporary manual adjustment function, support the editing cycle of doctor scheduling function, and support the doctor's daily visit to manual adjustment.

11, according to the size and characteristics of the clinic environment to set the waiting area (secondary triage) waiting for the number of people 1-3.

12, support for the follow-up, over-the-counter patients and first-time patients to carry out the set-up of the interval call, the number of specific intervals can be freely set.

13, support fully automatic formation of queues, manual check-in formation queue (patient swipe /scan self-check-in, nurse operation check-in) and automatic and manual mixed report three modes.

14, support one-to-many (single doctor visits multiple queues) and many-to-one (multiple doctor visits to the same queue) call pattern.

15, support a clinic a doctor, a clinic more doctor's queue call mode.

16, support the same day registration and appointment patient mixed queuing mode, appointment patients in the appointment period priority.

17, noon lunch break, the system can automatically switch to the information release display, called the screen to play the hospital's mission film

1, query retrieval

You can manually enter the queuing number, the card number or the patient's name, etc. to view the queue of the specified patient, easy for the patient consultation.

2, real-time viewing

You can view the details of each queue in real time (e.g., queue name, number of waiting times, number of patients waiting, number of patients not over, patient name of last call in the current queue, queue serial number, call doctor or appointment, call time, etc.).

3, follow-up (back-to-visit) treatment

When the patient has finished the examination project, can go back to the nurse's referral desk, the nurse arranges the patient in the original doctor's queue, do the follow-up treatment, and can set up the follow-up team strategy according to the needs, such as: priority queue, interval queue, can set the number of intervals.

4, patients choose a physician

Supports manual assignment of patients to a designated doctor or clinic for waiting.

5, priority

"Special" patients can be identified, and such patients can be given priority, such as the elderly, young, military, leave and other patients can be priority, while the call screen can display such patient identification, such as "military", "young" and so on, and use other colors to distinguish, to dispel other patients' doubts.

6, on-site appointment

Support the appointment function, according to a certain period of time to make an appointment to patients, effectively disperse the patient's visit time, with appointment period management.

7, return processing

When a patient is temporarily unable to see a doctor or other special circumstances, explain to the nurse that the nurse will delete the patient's information and do the return number.

8, over-processing

Over-issued patients can be rejoined in the queue. When the physician calls the patient who has not been seen, the nurse rejoins the patient in the appropriate queue. The guide desk nurse can set the number of patients priority according to the need, delay the consultation, delay the visit can be set the number of delayed.

9, transfer queue

Patients can be transferred and referred. The patient's own request, or the nurse to a clinic waiting for a large number of doctors, the doctor can not wait to see the patient to use this function to transfer the patient to other departments or clinics for treatment.

10, suspend function

This feature is primarily intended for hospital inspection departments. Such as: B super room, fast turn to someone to do B super-check, and the patient is not ready (e.g. to urinate), so that the next step can not be checked, then through this function will be this person to hang, hang after the examination room can not be queuecalled, such as this person is ready, and then re-queue call can be.

10. Edit information

You can modify the patient's queuing information.

11, manual registration

You can manually enter patient information and join the specified queue.

12, information updated in a timely manner

All changes in triage information due to triage nurse operations can be displayed immediately on the waiting screen.

13, information content display

For VIP patients, priority visits can be performed and, as needed, can be selected as to whether or not to display on the waiting screen and the clinic screen.

14, power failure saving function

All queuing conditions can be automatically saved after the power outage, and the system does not work properly when the call is made.

15, system reset function

15, system reset function

16, manage the functions of multiple sections

A set of outpatient queuing software can manage multiple departments, one department can contain multiple outpatient categories (i.e. job titles), one outpatient category (i.e. job title) can contain multiple clinics, one clinic can contain multiple physician visits.

17, support 2 kinds of queuing call way


18, batch check-in

In the case of sudden increase in patients during the morning rush hour, the triage desk software must support the mechanism of automatic and manual batch check-in, avoid patient congestion triage desk check-in, reduce the workload of waiting nurses.

19, delaycall

Support for delayed calls, for example, in the inspection and inspection department, when the patient temporarily does not meet the examination, testconditioning conditions, the nurse can delay the patient, the delay time can be customized, the time cut, automatically cancel the patient delay status, or the nurse manually cancelthe patient delay status.

20, Green Channel

Support for the green channel function, can be directly without voice call.

21, broadcast function

Support broadcastfunction, triage station can broadcast voice to the waiting area, to the LCD all-in-one machine screen to publish text message content.

4.3 Software caller

1, support the doctor ID number login mode, after successful login, automatically the doctor's name, department, profile, etc. published to the clinic door LCD screen.

2, automatic reading call sub-system to the corresponding patient queue, automatic update of the nurse triage desk of the number queue.

3, "Next" button: the doctor after reading a patient press this button, can call the next patient in sequence, software queuing call, clinic LCD machine, centralized LCD all-in-one machine all show the next patient's name and number, voice play the patient's name and number to the corresponding clinic, waiting for the number of patients to reduce one.

4, "Recall" button: When the physician calls the next patient is not arrived, you can press the "recall" button to repeat the call to the patient.

5, "Pause" button: When the doctor has a matter of temporary leave the clinic or off work, you can press the "pause" button, when the clinic LCD machine on the "pause" words, notify the patient that the clinic has stopped.

6, "over- " button: When the doctor repeatedly called the patient did not come to the clinic, press the "over-number" button, at this time the system recorded the patient as "over-numbered" status, in the software caller and nurse triage queuing management software can be queried.

7, the call-picking function: in case of special circumstances patients need priority treatment can use the call-picking function, by the physician to select the patient to make a direct call.

8, support over-numberpatients according to the rules automatically rearrange, and in the background to set the number of automatic re-arrangement of the consultation area over-the-top, support the optional call over-number patient consultation function.

9, doctors at the same time to visit multiple queues, you can set their own multi-queue call policy. For example: at the same time to visit cardiology, respiratory medicine, can automatically take turns to call, while the medical number, general number, can call the specialist number first, if the specialist number is not a patient, automatically call the ordinary number.

10. The doctor can revoke the treated or overnumbered patient, and the patient returns to the unprocessed state and re-calls.

11, can open the caller function interface, for third-party system call.

4.4 Hardware caller

1, function and software caller

4.5 Voice Broadcast Software

1, with the waiting area division, voice effect can cover the entire waiting area of the voice broadcast function.

2, embedded voice search engine technology, the system can synchronize, clear and accurate pronunciation, support patients and doctors name, clinic number and other content of the call.

3, the speed and tone of the synthetic speech can be adjusted.

4, speech synthesis volume can be adjusted.

5, synthetic speech can choose female or male voice.

4.6 LCD machine at the door of the clinic

1, the clinic door LCD machine, the use of integrated design, including lcd display module, main control panel, horn, intelligent operating system and multimedia display software.

2, multimedia display software can be flexible according to the needs of users to customize the display screen effect, subtitle form, color style and so on.

3, can display the doctor's name, job title, photo, department name, clinic name, current lying patient name and number, currently waiting for treatment patient name and number, date information.

4, support a screen to display one or two doctor information mode.

5, support patient waiting list and call information with the screen switch or split screen display.

6, can scroll at the bottom of the screen of polite language or other notification class instant text messages.

7, when the clinic suspended, can display the "suspended consultation" screen.

8. You can change the font, size, color and location of the display.

9, can be customized to display background pictures, display interface style, style can be customized according to hospital needs.

10, built-in TTS voice search engine technology, can clearly and accurately pronounce, support patient and physician name, clinic number of the call. 

11, can be displayed on the same screen as multimedia information.

12, can be sensitive information in special treatment areas privacy protection.

4.7 Integrated LIQUID Crystal Machine in waiting area

1, the waiting area integrated liquid crystal machine, the use of integrated design, including liquid crystal display module, main control panel, horn, intelligent operating system and multimedia display software.

2, multimedia display software can be flexible according to the needs of users to customize the display screen effect, subtitle form, color style and so on.

3, support rolling display of the current call, waiting, overthe queue call information.

4, support to display date time information.

5, support full-screen or subregional playback of multimedia video files.

6, support to show the waiting person's queue number, name and section information.

7, support the queue call when immediately full-screen display of queue call information, after a certain interval, and then play video files.

8, can scroll at the bottom of the screen of polite language or other notification class instant text messages.

9. You can change the font, size, color and location of the display.

10, can be customized to display background pictures, display interface style, style can be customized according to hospital needs.

11, built-in TTS voice search engine technology, can clearly and accurately pronounce, support patient and physician name, clinic number of the call. 

12, with multimedia information on the same screen display.

13, can be sensitive information in special treatment areas privacy protection.

4.8 Self-service check-in in the waiting area

1, support patients through self-service check-in on-board, check-in machine using bar code scanning or card reading card combined to identify patient information.

2, support manual input of the hospital number for check-in.

3, the patient in the report, can display the patient's registration information and the total number of current waiting.

4, after the re-diagnosis patient reported, the system automatically assigned it to the original doctor's queue.

5, the system must be customized to set the priority between the initial diagnosis, re-diagnosis, overage patients.

6, support the re-diagnosis, over-the-counter patients report again, into the queue.

7, patients can choose the current visiting doctor queue to check in.

8, the patient has checked in and then swipe card can query the number of waiting.

9, can be customized in the software interface background map.

10, can choose on demand thermal printing, print number clear ticket.



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