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Queue call software


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1, all settings are full Chinese windows window menu form, will use the computer personnel can learn to operate in the shortest time, set.

2, the numbermachine interface

1 The transmitter interface can be completely tailored to the needs of the user.

(2) The buttons on the interface can be set to a position that the customer thinks is reasonable, each queue on the interface can display the number of people waiting in front, etc., and the font, color of the number of waiting people can be set at will.

3, you can add and delete business queues as needed.

4, support priority settings, the same level of time to distinguish the order of the call.

5, support the use of customer-provided VIP card or other magnetic card, define the card's rules swipe out number, other cards are invalid.

6, support SMS prompt expansion function.

7, customers can edit the contents on the ticket according to the need, such as logo, font size, time format, and so on, and at will set the location of the content on the ticket, input method using WYSIWYG, enter what style is printed what style

8, support each business can set a weekly working hours and daily working hours, such as a business every Saturday, Sunday or daily noon rest period, the system will automatically not let this team list number, the interface of this queue button map will also be invalidated, that is, the relevant business can not be processed at this time, and at this time click can not print out the ticket.

9, support LED window display set idle display information, such as warm tips, and the display of the interval can be adjusted at will.

10, support the transmitter interface to add display text files, such as warm tips, business advertising.

11, can set up queue automatic transfer function, such as a business after processing will be automatically transferred to other corresponding queues. For example: there is a business need to first to the 1st window to fill in the form, after doing it to the 3rd window to pay, like the situation does not need to pick up tickets again, as long as the "processing process" set up a good process, you can automatically according to the process has been called down.

12, support queuing management system and customer evaluation system seamless docking, the statistical data can be remotely monitored or queryed through the network, at any time convenient to view customer evaluation information.

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