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Multimedia Central Software


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Multimedia central control host with intelligent control center touch panel to achieve one-click fooloperation operation, one-click open. Interactive central control fusion multimedia network control, interactive teaching, joint control and other educational and teaching functions in one, for teachers to provide a simple human-computer interface, to meet a variety of teaching models.

Multimedia central control host fusion smart everything, projectors, LED large screen, all-in-one machine, lighting, curtains, electric curtain, ambient temperature and humidity and so on. Interactive central control function is strong, system integration is high, characteristic advanced network management function, long-term continuous use of stable and reliable, especially suitable for a variety of large and medium-sized schools, multimedia classrooms, multi-functional conference rooms, exhibition halls and other places multimedia equipment centralized management, reduce the labor intensity of managers, for the maintenance of personnel to provide a unified remote control based on the Internet of Things.


1, high integration: its integrated multimedia central control function. Including power supply, HD / SD matrix, audio, network switching and other modules.

2, rich interface: HD and SD video interface, network interface, power interface, infrared interface, I/O port, communication interface.

3, multi-classroom control: interactive central control support remote software platform unified control, to achieve multiple synchronization control, management, maintenance.

4, one-click control: interactive center panel with one-click touch operation, can be a one-click curtain lift, video switching, audio adjustment, computer boot, projector switch.

5, switching speed, simple operation, easy debugging, with power off protection function;



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