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3D holographic display case


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Holographic phantom imaging system is using a 3 d picture suspended in the cabinet put oneself in another's position in the midair of real imaging system. 3 d holographic display ark imaging system consists of cabinet put oneself in another's position, beam splitter, video broadcast equipment, based on spectroscopic imaging principle, through special processing of the product will build a three-dimensional model, and then 3 d model of product image or product image stack into the scene, make up the product display system for static combination. Don't need people to wear any polarized glasses, under no bound can enjoy watching the phantom of the 3 d stereo display effects, give a person with visual impact, has strong depth.


Attractive, good effect, strong visual effect, it is easier to attract customers eye, achieve the result that memorable.

Can implement differentiation marketing: helps to promote the brand and products, implement differential marketing.

Vision: image is suspended in the air sometimes just around the corner, give a person the sense with reach.

Image three-dimensional stereo sense is strong, and sometimes people of vision to the distant sky, far and near, flickering, unpredictable


Card looping function: the system such as holographic video to MP4, MPG format U disk or SD card, inserted on the machine, recycled played or remote control selection.

Online functions: to holographic video to MP4, WMV formats, through the server to the machine show.

Computer interactive version: flat or touch display and a holographic devices through software, the combination of customer interaction on the exhibit selective display effect.




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