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Transparent display case


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  • Release date:2020-05-09
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Transparent display case is based on transparent display screen of a new type of display means, transparent display screen can be as transparent as glass screen, transparency and can guarantee the dynamic degree of colorful images and display details, so transparent screen interactive display device to allow the user to close through both the exhibits behind the screen and can let users interact with transparent display dynamic information.

Transparent display function:

(1) high light transmittance, liquid crystal display (LCD) high pervious to light the transparent screen, can see inside through broadcast images carrying empty, moves the product dynamic advertising information and end products, the combination of static objects such as window, to strengthen the brand experience and shopping experience.

(2) the infinite perspective: transparent panel adopts advanced technology unique liquid crystal molecules switching plane, up and down or so all can reach in excess of 80 ° Angle of view; Display technology application is colorless, rising sharply color gamut, picture is more exquisite and lively, no matter any Angle you can enjoy the color saturation, lifelike lifelike image.

(3) touch non-trace: you can add touch function: using the unique high-tech hard screen, touch screen won't produce ripples, stable images more clear, more smooth and natural images



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